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UWE Conference wrap up 

Case Study


The case study was an invaluable experience for undergrad students to learn how to handle gender based discrimination in the workplace. Participants were able to offer solutions to common challenges. For example, one scenario involved working in a group project in which the woman is immediately assigned the role of a secretary. The solution was to set expectations and delegate roles before starting the project. Another scenario involved handling discrimination in the private sector and in academia. Key points to overcome this challenge was to stand up for yourself and disregard other people’s opinions of you. The case studies gave our students a chance to work with real life challenges and use creative problem solving.

iWiE Planning Committee

This Conference would not be possible without the help of the dedicated students of Illini Women in Economics. The hard working individuals include Sara Lemenager, Lucy Lu, Mya Khoury, Surbhi Gupta, Sarah Scott, Isabella Pereira, Aisha Omowabi, and Namitha Somayaji. Thank you ladies for your hard work!

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All Videos

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This year’s UWE Conference was a great success due to the dedicated panelists and facilitators. Attendees were able to participate in case studies as well. The focus of the conference was on the discrimination and difficulty woman face in the workplace and how to overcome it.


Our Alumni were able to offer great advice to our undergraduate students.  Panelists showed current Economics students that their degree is extremely versatile which can open doors to various industries. Oksana Ambrozyak, a Business Consultant at Sapient Global Markets, knew she wanted a non-traditional career so she pursued consulting in a niche industry that aligned with what she was looking for. Joanna Keen spoke about how she was able to take what she learned in Econometrics and applied to something she loved, which was sports. Andrea Clark, a project manager at Northwestern Medicine, emphasized the importance of setting goals and asking the right questions. Account Executive and Intrapreneur, Jessica Ahn made it a point to create a career with a company that reflects her values. The Alumni definitely inspired and broadened the minds of our current students by showing them that an education in Economics can be applied whatever industry they are passionate about.

Keynote Speaker

We would like to thank our keynote speaker Lisa Barrow for attending the conference. Dr. Barrow is a senior economist and research advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. from Princeton University. Her research focuses on education issues such as the impact of attending a selective high school and student time use at the college level.

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